About Us


About the Company

Air Realty LLC is a development firm with strategic focus on transit-oriented development (TOD). Our strategic focus aims to create a vibrant, walkable and livable urban community close to mass transit. Air Realty LLC mixed-use developments include a long list of desirable lifestyle amenities that enhance the multi-family residential choice. As millennials influence residential trends toward rental living over ownership, our development and marketing concepts are designed to appeal to this preference.

Based on our transit price premium study, the benefit of access to mass transit results in price elasticity with less impact on demand for these rental properties. Recent studies show that millennials are increasingly opting out of car ownership. As a result, local parking regulators are now inclined to relax the required parking space-to-unit ratio for qualified TOD developments. Savings from this reduction in costly parking space boosts the investment yield.

Our criteria for site selection will be primarily focused on TOD opportunities. To further ensure the success of the development projects, our site selection will also considers proximity to job clusters such as major airports, office and educational campus and medical centers.


To develop economic, social and environmental sustainable communities that are respectful of the local cultural traditions while moving humanity forward.

Guiding Principles

Commitment to excellence and utmost integrity in the conduct of our business either externally with our clientele or internally with our employees and consultants working on behalf of the firm.

Observe a consistent and persistent attitude towards a given task while challenging a status quo by way of instituting creative and practical solutions.

Uphold a code of accountability to all our stakeholders – customers, investors, employees and the community.